Show Reviews 

“Thank you for making my daughter's birthday truly magical! The kids (and grown-ups ) couldn't stop smiling! And thank you for taking the extra time to show the kiddos a few tricks they could do. She hasn't stopped working on her magic skills since we got home! Like my daughter said 'Best birthday ever!'”

– N.C.

“We just had a birthday party for my 7 year old and some of her friends! The show was AMAZING!!! The music was exceptional!! We highly recommend them for your next party!!! ... A+ rating from us and a bunch of little girls!!”

– S.M.

“Have seen the show several times! Hope to see it several more. The music is captivating and the magic is mystifying (and the jokes are great!). Treat yourself to a wonderful, fanciful adventure and spend a little time with the Mugicians!”

– T.H.

“They put on an amazing show that attracts both the young and not so young! They will have you guessing their amazing talents. A lot of talent in the Marlatt family!!! A must see performance that you will talk about for a long time.”

– S.B.

“Your magic is amazing and your music is beautiful... You get a 5 stars from me!”

– C.P.

“My husband and I were honored to attend the New Year's Eve Show this year. We loved every minute. I really enjoyed the combination of music and magic. It was nice to hear the music I enjoy from T.J.'s CD's live. T.J. has a very quick wit and his humor added so much to the magic and music. I can't wait for their next performance!”

– L.C.

 Music Reviews 

“‘Gentle Whisper’ by T.J. Marlatt is a beautiful compilation that combines the sounds of nature with piano and native American flute to give these tracks the feel of the gentle nature of our world. The multi-cultural sound of many of the tracks such as “Trinity” take the listener on a journey of imagination to another time and place. The clever use of bird song and the call of the Lune [sic] in the introduction of “Gentle Whisper,” combined with the dynamic use of a simple melody and strong piano presentation gives a transcendental feel to this track. This is a unique and very rewarding CD. T.J. has performed and produced a wonderful and appealing CD that has a peace-giving quality that rivals nature itself. The moving and powerful quality of the intro to “Moments of Reflection” gives the feeling of a building storm. Very dramatic! The entire CD is a tribute to creation and the sounds and feel of the natural world.This CD is a great selection if you are looking for a relaxing musical journey into the natural world around you.”

– William and the Reviewer Team

“I am a healer, and am always searching for the perfect music to set the tone for the work that I do. Gentle Whisper, with the composer's soulfulness apparent in every note, moves the listener beyond a limited physicality into the unlimited realm of the spirit. I am grateful to have such a beautiful work as the background to my own.”

– Patti Ann Dooms, FeatherTouch Wellness

“Your magic is amazing and your music is beautiful... You get a 5 stars from me!”

– C.P. 

“I have known T.J. since our days in college. T.J.’s music takes you on a journey, while at the same time, offering you peace and quiet time for reflection. You can feel his spirit and inspiration in each song, and recognize that it is from his heart. By adding sounds from nature, T.J. transports you to a place where you feel that you are in touch with your inner self and with Mother Earth, leaving you wishing you were sitting on the crashing shore or beside the crackling fire. I feel blessed and honored to know T.J.’s music now, and to have known the man before the music began flowing from him.”

– Cassandra