“ ‘Gentle Whisper’ by T.J. Marlatt is a beautiful compilation that combines the sounds of nature with piano and native American flute to give these tracks the feel of the gentle nature of our world. The multi-cultural sound of many of the tracks such as “Trinity” take the listener on a journey of imagination to another time and place. The clever use of bird song and the call of the Lune [sic] in the introduction of “Gentle Whisper,” combined with the dynamic use of a simple melody and strong piano presentation gives a transcendental feel to this track. This is a unique and very rewarding CD. T.J. has performed and produced a wonderful and appealing CD that has a peace-giving quality that rivals nature itself. The moving and powerful quality of the intro to “Moments of Reflection” gives the feeling of a building storm. Very dramatic! The entire CD is a tribute to creation and the sounds and feel of the natural world.This CD is a great selection if you are looking for a relaxing musical journey into the natural world around you.”

– William and the Reviewer Team


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