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T.J. Marlatt currently has two albums available: Gentle Whisper and The Mirror. Gentle Whisper is T.J.'s solo project, featuring piano, keyboards, Native American flutes, and nature. The Mirror was released by Marlatt-Searching Bear. This is the result of the years T.J. spent working with Michael Searching Bear. This project is a collaboration of songs which leads the listener on a musical voyage to many cultural lands.

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All of the songs from these albums are available as an mp3 download from the player above. Simply select the song(s) you wish to purchase, then click on the shopping cart in the upper right corner of the player. If you prefer a CD copy of either (or both!!) albums, or would like to see our other merchandise, please Visit Our Store.

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“‘Gentle Whisper’ by T.J. Marlatt is a beautiful compilation that combines the sounds of nature with … 

“I am a healer, and am always searching for the perfect music to set the tone for the work that I do … 

“I have known T.J. since our days in college. T.J.’s music takes you on a journey, while at the same time … 


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